What's the Problem?



Why so little investment in front-end customer research during new product development?

Two reasons:


     1. Managers think they know better.

Mello again:

"... there is a yawning gap between how well senior managers think they address customer concerns and how well they actually do so, creating what could be called a customer-centricity gap." So of course they don't see the need to devote resources to systematically identify customer needs. (Mello, p. 4)









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Why do it if it adds time and money?

Because the payoff is much larger than the investment.
Robert Cooper:

"Contrary to myth, taking a little extra time to execute the market analysis and market research in a high-quality fashion does not add extra time; rather it pays off, not only with higher success rates, but also in terms of staying on schedule and achieving better time efficiency." (Cooper, 2005, p. 8)




How can you be quicker and cheaper if you take extra time and money before you've really started?

Cooper again:

Because early customer research prevents two of the worst product development time wasters: project scope creep and unstable specs. (Cooper, 2005, p. 11)

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What about short cuts, like exploiting the competition's research and following them?

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