Why Most Products Fail



Why most product development investments have negative ROI

The Problem
New Product Development has become the most important engine for revenue growth.

Yet ... 75-80 % of all new product development projects fail! Why?

"We've all heard the saying "measure twice, cut once." If you've ever done a home improvement project you also know that it didn't take more than one or two big mistakes for this to become standard operating procedure.

So why is it that companies don't often apply this to their product development projects? Those are significant investments of the company's resources. Consider the even larger opportunity costs and you see that those projects are significant investments of the company's future.

Yet only 20% of all new product development projects succeed.

Only 20% of startup companies survive, only 10% thrive.

Why failure?

#1 reason: not understanding the customers' true needs.

(Detailed explanation.)

When the failure is technical, it's most often in the integration.

New Product Development does not have to be high risk.

The Solution
At BREAKTHROUGH NPD we support most product development activities from primary market research, through technical development and test, market testing to launch. BUT most importantly we are specialists in uncovering customer needs as well as technical integration. We address these primary causes of failure to stack the development odds in your favor. That's competitive advantage and long-term value for you.

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