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We humans need a mental break sometimes. We offer this page as a diversion and thanks for visiting. It's the internet incarnation of our candy bowl. Sample as much as you like. We'll add new flavors periodically to keep it fresh.

Eye candy below includes videos, images, and cartoons. Brain candy includes news, quizzes, and polls on product development related topics so you can compare with other product development professionals. Most goodies are related to our profession but light. Feel free to suggest a treat.

Video Treats
Windows versus Apple in 1984-5, the actual ads. (2:07)Candy

Microsoft designs the iPod package (2:54)Candy

Photo Sweets
Know your customer. Here is a one stop shop that apparently does. Candy

Every office has one of these. Been on this page too long? Maybe it's you. Candy

News Chews
NEW>>>Hall of Shame -- companies that don't listen to their customers. Candy

NEW>>>25 companies that do listen. " of the most powerful secrets of world-class service: helping employees to understand what it feels like to be a customer." Another place for good voice of the customer methods. Candy

Cartoon Macaroon

Poll Roll

Quiz Fizz

Audio Snack
Simplicity. Here is a case for less is more. {Artist: Julie Feeney, Title: Autopilot} (3:15)Candy

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