Manufacturing case study



ABB makes the customer connection for new product development!

The Challenge

ABB Analytical is one of the premier makers of spectroscopic industrial instruments. They needed to validate their in-house requirements for a significant new product initiative.

The Solution

Breakthrough NPD worked with the ABB team to establish data priorities, determine the data sample, and develop the right questions. Breakthrough NPD sent out an online survey to hundreds of customers. We also interviewed dozens of customers across industries and throughout the world. To address ABB's concern that their reputation might bias the answers and to avoid tipping off the competition the work was conducted as a Breakthrough NPD study that didn't name the client. Our analysis merged the results of the survey and interviews to surface a large number of unmet customer needs and suggestions. ABB was able to proceed to the next stage knowing which requirements had a stronger connection to customer needs, which didn't, and a list of needs and customer-generated requirements.

The Results

"Breakthrough NPD was very responsive. They provided a thorough and detailed set of customer data. It was helpful to get an independent view of the customer perspective to validate our internal understanding of our customers."

-- Paul Chabot, Director Market Development, ABB Analytical, Quebec, ABB