Security case study



US Department of Transportation avoids unnecessary transportation security costs

The Challenge

A DOT agency consults with another transportation authority about technologies for a transportation security application. They are looking at something that's never been done before. At stake are millions of dollars of transportation security money and the security of citizens in a major US city. Will spending the money on this technology provide security?

The Solution

Transportation technology is one of the handful of technical areas where Breakthrough NPD has unique and deep experience. In addition to our experience, we interviewed experts throughout the country on the technology as well as its users in transportation applications. To our client, we explained the technology in lay terms, the state of the practice, a blunt assessment of feasibility, and outlined a low cost approach to assess the risks.

The Results

"Breakthrough NPD provided more technical detail and real content in just their introduction than other technical sources that we consulted had in total. Their honest and well considered recommendations were obviously in the interest of the country and not their own bottom line. They helped the government avoid costs that could have run into millions of dollars. We value their competence and integrity."

-- Manager, US Department of Transportation