Proactive and efficient processes scaled to fit the company

With properly scaled and flexible processes you

Increase efficiency
Only spend resources and time on what moves you forward.

Lower organizational risk
When everyone does what they do best supporting each other as a team you won't suffer delays or failures because of how people interact internally.

Repeat your successes
The whole point of a process is not to have to reinvent the wheel each time.  Focus your creativity and resources on what is novel to each project.

Increase Organizational Effectiveness
With experience in both large and small companies we know how important it is to have a good process that avoids chaos but without choking productivity.  We can practice world-class product development methods such as Critical Chain, QFD, Agile Development, Voice of the Customer, 10X, Six Sigma, System Dynamics ... whatever is appropriate for the organization.  The key is not to be a master of one specific tool and apply it to all problems.  Instead to be a "tools master:"  To be able to select the right tool, or elements of a tool to give the best result for the task and situation at hand.  We can help you optimize or create good processes for your needs.

Process Improvement
Process Creation