Markets & Strategy



Comprehensive approach to markets & strategy

Use our market research and strategic analysis to

See what's coming
You need the big view to set a course: customer values that affect the buy-decision, their needs, trends, competitve moves, changes to the social, technical and regulatory environments AND how all this interacts.

Find hidden opportunities
Think "Blue Ocean Strategy"  Methods that find the places that no competitor has gone before.

Reduce Market Risk
For the same reason we look at the entire value chain.  Not just your customer, but their customer, and their customer's customer and so on.  First, increase product success by meeting needs or avoiding issues beyond your horizon in the value chain.  Second, forecast trends in the market before they impact you.

Compete where you win
Applied to competitive analysis, this thinking shows you where to compete, and where not to, for best effect.  For the case where you are fixed on a technology or product, we reverse the process to find the lowest risk and highest profit markets.

Development Strategy
Business Strategy