Turnaround Situation



You are running out of shots. You also can't affort to miss anymore.

Your story is a marathon of challenges.

You need a few efforts that count.

You need to do them on a shoestring.

You need to retain your existing customers.
You need new customers. That means taking more market share, opening a new market or both.
You have to do this ASAP and under budget.

How will it be possible?

Your lifeline will be from your customers.


Connect to the lifeline that you have been missing. Focus your efforts where they will have maximum effect. Knowing what not to do is as important as what to do.

A homerun would be nice but first let us identify incremental steps that will get your products on base and the situation stable. We can function as your adviser, as a coach and trainer to transfer our skills in-house, or execute as part of your team. We take the role that works best for you.


Your process helped you get into this dire situation or has not helped you get out of it. Is your process excessive? Is it absorbing way too much time and resource for the benefit? Or have things slipped into chaos? Efficiency and direction vanishing?. Breakthrough NPD will help you create an appropriately scaled and flexible process to help you do things right without overdoing it -- one that can adapt to match your changing situation.


Since you are cost constrained we know this isn't the time for the full solution. Our experience in the startup environment pays off for you too. We get you the critical 20% that you can afford that will give you 80% of the results.

So we can provide you with the lean version of the following services:


New Product and Service Development


Development Strategy
Business Development

Interim Management