Voice of the Customer



Cutting-edge Voice of the Customer (VOC) methods to make breakthrough products

Use our VOC practice to:

Lower Market Risk
What could be worse than executing a perfect development process on a product customers don't want? The more you know about your customers' needs the lower your risk of a mighty swing and a miss.

Increase Margin
When you meet needs never met before, not being met by competitors, or better than everyone else you don't need to compete on price.

Increase competitive advantage & market share
Knowing needs better means being able to meet them better. The best product or service is a competitive advantage that'll take market share.

Create New Markets
Understanding values, needs and problems is the key. You can guess like everyone else, or you can find out from your future customers.

Breakthrough Products
To help you shift focus from your product or technology to your customer we can go from simple surveys to probing their subconscious thinking. We uncover fundamental needs the customer doesn't think to articulate and uncover the subconscious elements of their buy-decision. This is the best way to achieve breakthrough products or to disrupt your market and discover unserved markets.

VOC Methods
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