Startups and Small Companies



When you have one good shot ... maybe two ... you can't afford to miss.

You are taking one of two roads.

If you know who your customers are or should be,
We make sure you are working on the right thing.

If you've already decided that you are offering a particular solution,
We find the right customer for your thing.

We have to take seriously the experience of those who've gone before.
20% survive, 10% thrive.

With all your investment and precious effort you cannot afford to miss the bulls eye.

We can make the difference.


You can't afford the full solution like the big guys and what you are doing is high risk. So we don't eliminate your risk, but we drive it way down. We work as part of your team -- an integral element providing a critical connection to the mind of your customer.


If your response to "process" is "what process?" chaos will be your enemy. We can help you create just enough process to make sure you stay efficiently focused and enhance your agility.


We are the only VOC provider tailored to serve startups. We get you the critical 20% that you can afford that will give you 80% of the results.

So we can provide you with the lean version of the following services:


New Product and Service Development


Development Strategy
Business Development

Interim Management