Mid to Large Size Company



You are a player. You have core strengths ... and a few weaknesses.

Do you need to retain existing customers?
Need to take market share from competitors?
Need to open new markets?

Breakthrough NPD can help you leverage your strengths, beef up the weak spots, or pinch hit so that you

Grow revenue from products that win big

Beat the competition

Disrupt a market or foresee disruption to your market

Optimize development investments

Stop working on the losers


Since you already have a team in place, we work to complement the expertise you have in-house. We will help you build product development competencies in-house where you want it or let you outsource development activities to us so you can focus on your core competencies.


You already have processes in place. We can help you streamline and build more flexibility into them to make you more competitive against much smaller and more nimble competitors. Otherwise, we will work with your system.


Breakthrough NPD offers you four categories of service.


New Product and Service Development


Development Strategy
Business Development