Use our Technical experience to

Engage problem solving from outside your box -- We have expertise from several technical domains and industries.

Amplify your capabilities and resources for a project -- More problem solving horsepower at your disposal.

Extra help to meet a tight deadline -- We've been able to bring as many as 50 people on-board and up to speed for a client in as little as a week.

Gain extra leverage
Sometimes resources and schedules don't match as well as you would like. Maybe your folks are too busy or you don't have the right kind of expertise for the immediate task at hand. Sometimes creative thinking, problem solving, experience, or even extra hands from outside your company or industry will give you the added edge needed for success.

We want to make successful products and services happen. Where we have technical experience that you need in development we are happy to offer it.

Examples of technical work for recent clients include

data quality testing (speech-to-text application)

sensor and detection technologies (homeland security application)

transportation technologies (expert witness services)

We also have partners that encompass a broad range of technical experience. So if you have a specific need not mentioned here feel free to inquire. If we can met your need, or know someone who can, we will help.

Contact us.