Process Diagram


New Product Development Process Market & Customer Research Validation Market & Technology Strategy Development Planning Define Requirements & Process Develop, Test, and Manage Life & Brand Launch & Support Assess Product Production Management Scouting Product Technology Management Skills Enviroment Setup Management Program Management Program Management


The New Product Development process can be broken into 3 phases. First is the Discovery Phase where you determine what you should do. Second is the Development Phase where you create the product. Lastly is the Commercialization Phase where you take it to market.

Each phase is divided into 6 functions:

To make this easier to visualize we represent the process as a pyramid with each phase being a separate layer of blocks, and each function being a vertical stack of the blocks. The Discovery phase is the 6 blocks making up the base of the pyramid. That is because everything that follows depends on how well this work is done. Bold font shows that most of the services we offer are for the Discovery phase.

The Development phase is shown as the middle layer of blocks. Again the bold font shows we offer many services in this phase.

The Commercialization phase is the layer near the top. We offer some services for this phase but may refer to a partner depending on the circumstances.

The golden capstone of the pyramid represents the revenue that should result.

The bold font also shows our services are concentrated in the Market research, Strategy & Planning, and Execution functions. We may have a strong offering in the technology area depending on the technical areas, or may refer a partner. Sometimes we offer services in the People function but often will refer a partner there. We do not offer services for the Alliances function.